“Alligators Turn Mississippi Couple’s Dream Into a Court Fight”

And yes, what to my wondering eyes should appear in the New York Times but this somewhat startling headline: Alligators Turn Mississippi Couple’s Dream Into a Court Fight – NYTimes.com.

I’d have thought only the Daily News would be wrestling with alligators in someone’s back yard. But sometimes the Times surprises me.

So, for everybody in New York City who still believes that gigantic gators roam through the underground structures and can pop up out of manholes to sneak onto your property and terrorize your children … It begins:

CENTREVILLE, Miss. — Finding an alligator in your back yard can ruin your day.

Find two and it is time to lock up the pets and small children.

But find dozens and you could end up in State Supreme Court battling Exxon, which is exactly what happened to Tom and Consandra Christmas.

Ooh. The plaintiffs’ name is Christmas. And now we see that Exxon might be to blame. (If it happened to you in NYC, who would you blame? I guess the MTA, but please please don’t take that comment seriously, and do not take it to court.)

Question: Does this come under the principle of caveat emptor?

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