Am I crazy? Animal news

From Harper’s Findings:

Macaques in India initiated a revenge massacre of hundreds of dogs, kidnapping puppies and dropping them from high places, then attacking humans who came to be seen as allies of the dogs.

There have been reports about violent macaques but this one is the worst.

Researchers in Australia announced the discovery of the first true millipede, with 1,306 legs.

Do you have a mental image of the researcher assigned to counting them? And she gets to 502 and the millepede stretches its legs and…

This is making me so nuts, I’m now thinking: why don’t the Australian researchers name all the legs and then we can borrow the names for the new planets?

Divorce rates among black-browed albatrosses are driven by poor breeding outcomes and warm sea surface temperature anomalies.

I swear to you the word “divorce” started this item. Did we know albatrosses marry? When they divorce, do they use Legal Zoom or do they have to retain a lawyer?

And the last one:

A tardigrade cooled to near absolute zero and treated as a dielectric cube became the first animal to exist in a state of quantum entanglement, then was revived and allowed to resume its normal life.

What does a tardigrade do in its normal life?

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