Amazing: Trump’s lawyer arguing that he can’t be investigated. For anything

Right now, I’m reading the New York Times’ coverage of an argument going on a few sunny miles south of me, in the Second Circuit federal appellate court.

It’s about Trump’s taxes and whether the Manhattan District Attorney can obtain them.

But not to Trump’s lawyers.

We’ve all read a lot about the bizarre general argument Trump’s administration has propounded that no one has the right to investigate him. Because he’s president. Can’t indict him, can’t investigate, can’t arrest him, can’t do anything to him at all because he’s Mad King — oops, I mean president. He’s president.

Which is all you need to know before you read this remarkable interaction among the district attorney’s office, Trump’s lawyer and one of the three federal appellate judges before whom this nutso argument is being heard.

How nutso? Go to it:

A lawyer for Mr. Trump, William S. Consovoy, said the president’s immunity from criminal prosecution even extended to Mr. Trump’s famous claim that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue without losing political support.

Carey Dunne, the general counsel for the district attorney in Manhattan, introduced the Fifth Avenue argument in the hearing, asking, “Would local police be disabled from restraining such a person or from processing such a person?”

“Would we have to wait for an impeachment proceeding to be initiated?” he added.

Later, another of the judges, Denny Chin, posed the hypothetical to Mr. Consovoy. “Local authorities couldn’t investigate? They couldn’t do anything about it?” he asked. “Nothing could be done? That’s your position?

“That is correct. That is correct,” Mr. Consovoy said.

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