“American Apparel’s Dov Charney is fired after investigation”

In what turned out to be a coincidence, I wandered into American Apparal’s Lafayette Street discount store this afternoon, and found − indeed at discount − a nice pair of sweat pants ($15) and red tights (I don’t remember the price).

While I was looking around and being repeatedly startled by the full-size mannequins who sit around in groups, as if they’re watching shoppers and/or inviting us to join them, I was thinking about Dov Charney. And I was wondering what had happened to him, after all that messy news about his rather boisterous executive misbehavior.

So I came home to read this, in the Daily News: American Apparel’s Dov Charney is fired after investigation – NY Daily News.

And a woman, Paula Schneider, will be the new chief executive. Congratulations, Paula, and thanks for the sweats.

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