American war on women: domestic violence & Zika

Research by social scientists reveals striking parallels between what drives the two violent phenomena.

Source: Control and Fear: What Mass Killings and Domestic Violence Have in Common – The New York Times

Ebola afflicts all genders. The worst affliction of the Zika virus is upon women and their babies. Don’t you think this has something to do with the Republican stall on providing funds to combat Zika?

Congress has moved slowly to provide money to combat the mosquito-borne virus, alarming some lawmakers who fear that their colleagues do not recognize the risks.

Source: Republicans, Who Warned of Dithering on Ebola, Now Hesitate on Zika – The New York Times

UPDATE 6/16/16. I just picked up this essay from Margaret Talbot at The New Yorker about the connection between domestic violence and mass killings.

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