American war on women: equal pay complaint equals threat

No, no, no.

This can’t be happening in a rational world. And it makes me wonder–not for the first time–what on earth people are thinking when they say stuff like this? Don’t they realize they’ll appear in a disparaging blog item on Sidebar? Aren’t they scared to death about being disparaged on Sidebar?

Guess not.

But seriously. You’d think “human resources” was taught a teensy bit about employment law. Like, you don’t threaten an employee (a female employee, yet, which, after the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, deserves a !) who complains to you (that is, the “you” she’s supposed to complain to) about what she believes is an unfair disparity in her salary, as compared to others’ salaries.

But, apparently, no:

Woman’s Words to Human Resources Tests Pay Fairness Act

¬†Connecticut employee said she complained to HR about pay disparities and was told she’d be fired if she did so again.

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