American war on women: “James Comey and the Predator in Chief”

Source: James Comey and the Predator in Chief – The New York Times

Written by Nicole Serratore, this NYT opinion piece today brought me up short. Because she’s so dead on accurate: I, like many women–maybe even most women–have been in similar “shut the door” episides with bosses.

But for some reason–stemming, I’d guess, from stoic aspects to my character–I did not immediately associate Comey’s description of his closed-door meeting in the Oval Office with my own experiences.

Although I did feel that creepy sensation once again, I somehow wasn’t able to bring it up into my consciousness and focus on it. (I’m going to work on that.)

So I will be forever grateful to Ms. Serratore for opening the door and describing this particular sort of workplace (sexual) harassment so perfectly.

Even if you’ve read the piece, link to it again and take a look at the comments. Some of the male reactions are so damningly clueless. One guy wrote something like, “I don’t understand why she’s dragging women’s experience into this.”

The women who comment tell him why.


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