American war on women: Leslie Jones

You’ve all read about this, I know. Aside from the multiplex issues of internet bullying and hideous personal attacks, hideous right-wing provocateurs (and the question of how to or whether to respond to them) and the First Amendment, there is this: Leslie Jones is a woman, a black woman. And she is being attacked pretty specifically for being a woman, a black woman.

Twitter said it has taken action to close the accounts of people who sent the actress racist messages and pornography.

Source: Leslie Jones, Star of ‘Ghostbusters,’ Becomes a Target of Online Trolls – The New York Times

I read that she’s closed her Twitter account because of the trolls. Until now, I didn’t know anything about Leslie Jones. My heart goes out to her.

I don’t have the rational capacity to write about the GOP convention’s attacks on, never mind direct physical threats against, Hillary Clinton. All of this is open-faced misogyny from mentally ill people.

The tone of these attacks virtually proves the sickness: these people don’t have the stability to produce substantive comment so they produce a two-year-old’s attention-grabbing temper tantrum.


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