American women voters: It’s the Supreme Court, stupid!

From the Brennan Center:


Donald Trump Releases Expanded List of SCOTUS Nominees

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released an additional list of potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees, adding 10 names to the 11 individuals previously named. Nina Totenberg, of NPR, writes that the new list “suggests he wants to add diversity to his earlier all-white list of eight men and three women.” She explains that “[w]hile the new list adds the name of just one more woman, it is more racially and ethnically diverse — one African-American state court judge, a Venezuelan-born federal judge and another federal judge of South Asian descent.” According to Totenberg, many of these potential nominees share “records hostile to abortion rights, same-sex marriage and federal regulations.” While Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network “praised the Trump lists as ‘unprecedented’ steps that should ‘please conservatives,’” others were critical. Nan Aron of the Alliance for Justice said adding some racial diversity “doesn’t change the fact that these individuals’ track records suggest they would endanger the cherished rights and freedoms of Americans.”  [My bolding]

And this Yale Law Review paper from the revered (me, I revere her) Linda Greenhouse, who was the NYT Supreme Court reporter, and Riva B. Siegel: delivery.php,“The Difference a Whole Woman Makes: Protection for the Abortion Right After Whole Woman’s Health.

Reminder: this is all about which president gets to nominate Scalia’s successor.

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