An answer to our biggest question?

Why? Why did millions of people, some of them related to us, vote for Trump, still support him and cheer mob violence against our government?

I’m still asking myself the question, even though a lot of my compatriots want never again to hear from any of these crazy people — most of whom are so inarticulate and/or brainwashed by the media they suck up, their war cries render us gasping for air.

But when I read Karen Crouse’s piece in the January 18 Times,” ‘I Let You Down’: Klete Keller’s Path From Olympics to Capitol Riot,”something simple popped into my brain.

As I read the tweets about the individual Capitol insurgents, I notice so many of them live with their mommies and don’t have jobs, let alone careers.

Whatever the rest of us think of them, no matter how much they’ve achieved, as Klete Keller’s story makes clear, they see themselves as failures.




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