An entertaining lawsuit

As an avid lawsuit collector, I’ve decided to make a sub-specialty of lawsuits involving demented heirs and heiresses, the results of whose dubious last wills and testaments make me laugh. The families don’t laugh, though; they … SUE.

So here’s my recent fave heiress lawsuit. (Should I be analyzing why it’s usually dead heiresses over whose bodies these lawsuits are fought? Nah.) The Daily News headline is: “The doctor’s in for heiress’ $8M.” Here’s the News link in its entire wonderfulness: Ex- gynecologist to the stars in middle of battle over $8 million ¬†estate left to health aide by East Side heiress ¬† – NY Daily News.

Yup, it’s one of those gynecologist-health aide-heiress lawsuits, with the requisite angry nephew who was once the heir but is no longer, as plaintiff. The gynecologist, Niels Lauersen, who did jail time for insurance fraud, is linked to the health care aide and the nephew is accusing him of collaborating with the health care aide to defraud the nephew of his inheritance.

Oh, juicy juicy juice.

What really made me laugh was this, out of the mouth of the health-aide-cum-nouvelle heiress, Elsie McCarthy. McCarthy is affronted that the nephew has called her a disparaging epithet:

“I’m not shanty Irish. I come from royalty,” she said. More specifically, McCarthy said she comes from West Cork, where “I have three houses. They’re all on the water.”

There’s more. Read the whole article. You’ll get a kick out of it.

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