“An open letter to our fellow Jews”

Among my various identities, I am a Jew. But since I’m so secular I’m not even an atheist, I don’t think about it much.

I don’t worship, don’t belong to any Jewish organization. I have Jewish friends and some of them are religious. I also have non-Jewish friends. But I do not have friends who are any kind of racist.

I was definitely a Jew a few years ago when a couple of people I considered close friends began dripping little poisoned thoughts I knew were anti-Semitic. I would have canceled the friendship right then except one of them was dying. She died. I did not go to her funeral and haven’t seen her husband since.

And of course I’m definitely a Jew when I look at the horror in the White House and what this particular sort of hideous, destructive amorality has produced: Charlottesville.

So I’m reprinting this from noted writers Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, in an open letter on Medium. Because it pretty much says everything I as a Jew would like to say to Trump’s Jews, except better.

Source: AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR FELLOW JEWS – Michael Chabon – Medium

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