An optimist’s take on chaos and the GOP

Remember when, in the early morning of November 9, 2016, my brother responded to my despair with, “Don’t worry. It’ll be fun?”

Well, no. Of course you don’t remember — although I have mentioned it. Regardless, what’s going on in the House now is what he was talking about back then. But more than having fun with it, we can pause to reflect on how little real damage was done to our country by the collapse of the GOP, beginning with their paralysis over the spectacle of Escalator Donald Trump descending to the presidency.

They didn’t know what to do with him in 2015 and their incapacity broadcast how lousy they are at governance.

What’s going on (or not going on) in the House is the final act in their play. They don’t like government. They don’t know what government is. They don’t run moderately intelligent candidates, their constituency is even stupider than their candidates and…what happens?

Nothing much, unless you overlook the astonishing number of prominent people, some in elected office, who are going to be indicted for crimes against our country, crimes against us.

All the GOP has accomplished (with one exception*) with its so-called power is a violent attack on our government — in broad daylight and on video, live TV, emails, phone calls, texts, tweets, memos and now depositions —  most of which was helpfully supplied by the attackers, attack assistants and attack theorists themselves.

Anarchy? Mass metaphorical suicide? I don’t know what else to call it.

*That one exception is the Supreme Court.

But even there, the egregiously foul decisions and outrageous behavior (including during confirmation hearings) have led the majority of us to understand how things must be and can be changed.

So what Trumpism has done by creating chaotic no-government is to open an unusual opportunity for our real elected government — the working government, that is — to firm up the rule of law in novel ways, one of which will reform the Supreme Court.

I think we are in the throes of a revolution. How exciting it is to know for sure I’m actually involved LIVE in what will be proclaimed as historical change before it gets to be called “history.”

Happy New Year.

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