And another false line from Stephanopolous…

…when Biden mentioned the big and raucous Wisconsin rally he’d just held, Stephanopolous spoke as if Biden were an ignorant child,* “But you know Trump has [can command] huge rallies.”

Any of us wh0 scrolls through TAFKAT, a/k/a X, has seen photos and videos from Trump’s recent rallies. While Trump claims his usual Million MAGA bullshit, we see that the arenas and other venues are more than half empty.

And the bobble heads behind Trump seem oddly familiar. Does the Trump campaign bus the usual suspects in, to make it look like the MAGA king has a huge following? There have been credible reports of defections from MAGA-ites as Trump drones on, his acolytes slipping out of the arenas because they’ve heard it all before.

George, Trump isn’t gathering huge rallies. Nor is he saying anything new, straight or sane in his speeches. You should have known this before your much-touted interview.

George, George, George, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.

*And now that I’m remembering this, I’m getting more and more furious at Stephanopolous’ oleaginous disrespect.



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