“And Baby Makes Three”

Most people I know are suffering from the strain of watching Trump’s government of the worst and the dimmest fall apart, while simultaneously cheering on the fall.

Yes, it’s agony, especially since we don’t know precisely what will happen, or how it will happen.

That’s why…animals. Especially baby animals.

Yesterday Nellie Bowles wrote an endearing piece for the New York Times on Sphen and Magic, two male penguins in Australia who fell in love and united to hatch a surrogate’s egg, out of which came a baby penguin (temporarily) named Sphengic.

Sphen and Magic, the two daddies, are terrific parents. This, just as we read how Mike Pence’s wife has gone back to teaching, in a “Christian” school that bans LGTB students and teachers.

The whole story (and pictures and a wonderful video) made me smile and laugh and brought a few tears into my eyes.

So, in response to one Facebook friend who asked what we’re all doing to live through the horror, I give you Nellie Bowles, Sphen, Magic and little Sphengic.

They’ll be a big help.

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