And back to a bit of burglary

A Suffolk County (NYS) judge plead guilty to burglary…for allegedly stealing women’s underwear.

OK, so given what you’ve learned, the judge (allegedly) was not brandishing a weapon. Because that would have been robbery.

But doesn’t the value of the (allegedly) stolen property have a relationship to the charge? Which leads to the question: what kind of underwear and how much could it be worth? On the street? For ransom?

Because I’m just nibbling a bialy with lox and doodling here, I’m going to look up women’s underwear to see what it costs.

Eschewing the borderline porn sites (porn was so last week), I give you Harrods lingerie site, conveniently priced in US dollars.

I’d never pay this much for any of these items but in reality nothing here is priced like diamond chips.

Of course now I want to know what the judge lifted. Item by item, please. In US dollars.

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