And now for a Horse’s Neck, personal Nashville style

My friend Mary Matthews and her husband Paul Lohr are sheltering in their Nashville home — although they had their offices professionally cleaned and disinfected, so there’s  work going on.

Mary has fallen for a cocktail, Horse’s Neck. But she and Paul don’t follow the usual recipe. Here’s how they do it:

Ginger beer (not ale), bourbon (not rye, not brandy), Angostura Bitters — all on ice, and then a long peel of lemon zest.

Right then, I started thinking of the brilliant Alec Guinness comedy, The Horse’s Neck. Except that’s not the name of the film. It is The Horse’s Mouth.

For those of you sheltering with Netflix, think about having an evening drinking one or several Horse’s Necks while watching The Horse’s Mouth. You will never regret it. Actually, you may, in the morning. Just like Gully Jimson, Guinness’s character, who is drunk (presumably not on Horse’s Necks) for most of the film.

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