And now for something completely Ministry of Silly Dances

Yep, it’s Lowering the Bar and it’s about a … chicken dance. It ends in one of the all time stirring adages, and somebody, not me, should embroider this upon a canvas (I tried embroidering a dragon once; I do not remember what possessed me but it did not turn out well) and hang it in somebody’s court, right over the unconstitutional proclamation, In God We Trust.

I’m tabbing this once as employment discrimination because I don’t know what other category under which to subsume it.

Oh what the hell, here’s the entire story:

Tribunal Reinstates Man Fired for Chicken-Dance Harassment

One major aspect of the reasons for dismissal, which involved a finding that the applicant performed the “chicken dance” as an intentional act to intimidate, harass or otherwise harm another employee, was simply fanciful and did not represent a valid reason for dismissal.

Commissioner Ian Cambridge

Cambridge ruled that the applicant, described as an “alpha male” with a “somewhat disagreeable demeanour” and a history of insulting other employees, should have been given a “final warning” rather than being terminated on the apparent pretext of intimidation by chicken dance.

“Even unpleasant people are entitled to justice,” he wrote.

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