And real guy lawsuits…

As I said, yesterday’s Daily News was a feast. Here are the two lawsuits you and I might sympathize with:

EXCLUSIVE: 13 Parks Department workers get $165,000 settlement after claiming race-based transfers in Battery Park City – NY Daily News. Reported by Ginger Adams Otis.

The Parks Department has for years been accused of racism and has been the defendant in at least one lawsuit I know about dating back several decades. You’d think they would have learned their lesson, wouldn’t you?

Lawyer for the class-action plaintiffs: Linda Cronin.

And this lawsuit against Columbia University: Waiter loses patience over stolen tips at Columbia University, files class action – NY Daily News. Reported by Barbara Ross.

“Cousins [one of the workers] recently presented Columbia President Lee Bollinger with a petition saying, ‘We, the little people of your realm, (want) to get back a living wage, guaranteed health care and our stolen tips.'”

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