And she, too, persisted.

Scrolling down the right hand column of the Times, I saw this.

And I said, “Whoo.”

Let’s give a rousing ovation to Lissa Lucas. And while we’re ovating, let’s send her some money.

Here’s how the story begins and if you click on the link, you get a video and can watch Lissa Lucas persist.

John H. Shott, a West Virginia state lawmaker, did not appreciate when, during a public hearing on the House floor on Friday, a citizen began listing donations he and some of his colleagues had received from the oil and gas industry.

He asked her to stop, warning her that she would be out of order if she continued.

And when she ignored him, reading the name of the next politician who had accepted donations related to the bill under discussion, which would make it easier for oil and gas companies to drill on private land, he had her forcibly escorted out.

The citizen, Lissa Lucas, is a Democrat running for the House of Delegates in the state’s Seventh District. She arrived at the public hearing on Friday intending to talk about the delegates’ donors.

“The people who are going to be speaking in favor of this bill are all going to be paid by the industry and the people who are going to be voting on this bill are also often paid by the industry,” she said.

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