Animal news: a Great Blue Whale and a booster shot

I’m so excited!

This morning I got my third vaccine shot, the booster, at an unusual location: the American Museum of Natural History. I was not aware until now that this was a vaccine location.

But even better, the shot set up, employing a bunch of the nicest, friendliest group of efficient people, adjoined the balcony above which swims the Great Blue Whale. And after you get your shot, you are escorted onto that very balcony where you sit for fifteen minutes, communing with the whale’s tail (you can see the fifteen-minute sit location in the above link, right behind the tail), and watching oceanic creature videos on the large screens around and under the balcony. One was about sharks. And from the sitting-on-a-chair-waiting-to-see-if-you’ll-pass-out area, you can see one of the animal tableaux — walruses.

The guy who gave me the shot told me that before the recent influx of “customers,” the shooters gave those shots under the Blue Whale. Which he said was totally cool.

So, if you’re still getting your shots and are in the area, consider going to the 77th Street entrance of the Museum of Natural History. As of now, you don’t need an appointment. Just walk in and have some whale time. As a bonus, you’ll get a voucher for a free museum visit.

A bigger bonus: it’s not in Texas.

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