Animal news: A monkey’s “life on the lam”

I just read this monkey business in the New York Times and eagerly grabbed the url.

Several reasons: we all love monkey news; the lammer is lamming in the Scottish Highlands, one of my favorite places on earth; and I’m wondering whether I jumped out ahead of the next Harper’s Weekly Review. This monkey news seems to be perfect for Harper’s. If they do pick it up, I got there before they did.

Is this what my life consists of, beating Harper’s Weekly Review to the punch?

I fear it does. Never mind, though. Tidbits:

“There’s been a daily epic monkey hunt going on in this village in the last couple of days,” said Carl Nagle, of Kincraig, who added that an animal on the loose was “a first” for the usually quiet village. “You would think we were chasing an international fugitive instead of an innocent monkey.”

On Sunday, after hearing of the breakout, Mr. Nagle went downstairs and was greeted with a surreal sight: There he was, the monkey of the hour, nibbling nuts underneath a bird feeder in Mr. Nagle’s backyard.

“It looked at me; I looked at him,” he said on Tuesday. He described the monkey’s expression as “sheepish.”

Mr. Nagle hopes the monkey enjoys his freedom before returning home.

“Everybody is rooting for this monkey,” he said. “He must be having a ball living his best life.”

Kudos to Isabella Kwai, the reporter, for stuff like “life on the lam” and “the monkey of the hour.”

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