Animal news: absolutely insane numbers

Harper’s Index enjoys shocking me with numbers related to human and other behaviors. Sometimes the numbers are sort of sad, but a lot of the time they’re sort of nuts.

Here, from February 2022 are numbers about pets. And, of course, people who have those pets. I mean, the animals didn’t take these actions themselves. Only their staffpeople could have approved of all this, Most likely without asking for the pets’ OK.

  • Portion of U.S. pet owners who say they take their pet’s health more seriously than their own: 7/10.
  • Who have sought acupuncture for their pet: 4/10.
  • Who have purchased CBD products for their pet: 3/10.
  • Minimum number of dogs in the United States on anti-anxiety medication: 10,350,000.
  • Of cats: 1,800,000.
  • Estimated portion of passengers on private jets who fly with a pet: 1/4.
  • Average cost of cloning a dog: $50,000.
  • Minimum number of Instagram influencers who have cloned a pet: 12.
  • Number of dogs cloned for law enforcement purposes in Iowa: 52.
  • Minimum number of COVID-19 outbreaks recorded among animal populations: 645.
  • Minimum number of hamsters executed by the Hong Kong government because of COVID-19 exposure: 2,229

Is something wrong in the State of Iowa?

Announcement: the preceding info has inspired me to create a new category: Mishegas.

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