Animal news: Attention, chiens, protect your owners!

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

“We have to punish to make people behave better,” said the mayor of Béziers, France, where a database containing the genetic information of dogs will be created so that excrement left on the street can be identified and the owners fined.

Personal memory: this policy is an advance on the situation I encountered in Paris in the 1980’s, where dog shit wasn’t picked up by the dog’s person but left in the gutters to stink until these cute little sweeper-scooters came along at some point to clean things up.

So one of the very first French words I learned to apply was “Attention!” Which was cried out, full accent included, when one of my feet was heading off the sidewalk and down into the street…upon a large pile of dog shit.

How long did it take me to clean the treads of my sneakers? Je ne sais pas. Un longtemps.

Oh enough of that.

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