Animal news: Darius, Darius where did you go?

The world’s longest rabbit…let me pause here for a second. Is there a rabbit-measuring group which deploys annually, each with a tape measure to make such determination?

I don’t know. Somebody should look into that.

What we do know is Darius, a Brit and the world’s longest rabbit, is missing. Much has been made of the obvious: how does any animal as big as a child’s tree house disappear?

The police think he’s been bunny-napped. His owner, Annette Edwards, is really upset:

“It’s just so upsetting because he is such a lovable character,” she told the British newspaper The Telegraph, adding that Darius, who is largely retired from public appearances, was on a special diet for his age and would die without it.

Doesn’t this sound like an old Law and Order episode? Get that rabbit his insulin or he’ll die!!

I like the name Darius.

Oops. I missed this, about rabbit-measuring, in the article:

Darius was crowned the world’s longest rabbit by the Guinness World Records in 2010.

But, you know, this brings up questions about how Guinness conducts its surveys. I’m still wondering whether Darius got named because Darius’s owner promoted him. That is, did Guinness send measurement emissaries around the world to interview all the large rabbits?

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