Animal news: dinosaurs in a big battle

Somebody needs to explain how, if two dinosaurs are battling it out, they get themselves fossilized. Frozen mid action, as it were.

The fossil — nicknamed “Dueling Dinosaurs” — was initially discovered in 2006, but until now has only been seen by a select few. It shows a T. rex and a Triceratops in mid-battle, literally fighting to the death. The pair are preserved in a fossil going on display for the first time at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, The Charlotte Observer reported on Nov. 17.

I’m hoping, as a follow up display, whoever “owns” these battling dinos sends them next to the Creation Museum in (where else?) Kentucky. A/k/a America’s War On Science Museum. Or am I being too too wicked?

OK, then, how about loaning Dueling Dinosaurs to the Noah’s Ark, also in Kentucky? A pair of dinosaurs, get it?


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