Animal news: Easy to chuckle when it’s not my problem

Feral pigs. Or feral swine, if you prefer.

San Francisco is in a siege situation with the porkers.

As I began the article, I was feeling a bit envious of SF and immediately imagined feral pigs in New York City! That would be a kick, wouldn’t it?

No. Actually it wouldn’t. Although within the seriousness of San Francisco’s problem, there were some smiles:

The head of the [Park and Recreation] department, Jonathan “Ace” Katayanagi, said hikers have reported a few close calls with wild pigs, usually when off-leash dogs have chased after them. If confronted by angry hogs, people should stand on top of a car or shimmy up a tree, he recommends. “Pigs can’t climb,” he said.

Maybe I should apologize to “Ace” Katayanagi. Maybe he didn’t intend my lips to react as they did.




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