Animal news: feral pigs, bats and a whopping dropping spider

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

“You can ignore wild pigs all you want until you can’t ignore them,” an expert in Saskatchewan said, warning that Edmonton could become the first Canadian city where the feral animals would remain indefinitely.

In Texas, a screening of The Batman was paused when a live bat entered the theater.

Let that settle in for a moment. Because I’m so damn reluctant to tell you about the Joro spider and I’m certainly not going to post a picture of one of ’em. They are the size of our palms and have apparently lived quite calmly down south for a while. Or maybe forever.

Except forever doesn’t include now.

The spiders are coming north. I’m north; I’m taking this personally.

Somewhere I read the spiders drop down from the skies (this may be a lyrical loop) on strands of their silk. I may be semi-making-this-up but do not feel like searching for verification. Just take it from me: they drop. Or don’t take it from me. Go north.

This, from NPR:

They’re huge and scary-looking, and could soon be moving into most of the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., according to new research.

But don’t worry too much: Joro spiders are harmless to humans — and even do some good.

“People should try to learn to live with them,” Andy Davis, a research scientist in the Odum School of Ecology and one of the authors behind the recent study, told UGA Today, a publication by the University of Georgia.

No. I’m not going to “try to learn to live with them.” No.

P.S. They have fangs.

P.P.S. I didn’t make most of this up.

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