Animal news: horse, mouse and moose, dogs, and peacocks

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

After a truckers’ strike resulted in fuel shortages in India, a food delivery driver completed his deliveries on horseback. “It’s been a bit of an experiment,” said a retired postal worker in Wales, who captured footage of a mouse tidying up a workbench in his garden shed. A dog in Pittsburgh ate $4,000 worth of cash his owners left out in an envelope, and a pair of dogs caused more than a quarter million dollars worth of damage to a car dealership in Houston. “I saw seven of them smashing into a car the other day,” said a Houston resident of peacocks causing damage in her neighborhood. Moose have been caught licking cars in Canada.

Cars seem to be a theme here in the last three items. How could two dogs do such damage in a car dealership? Did they shit in an old Hispano-Suiza? But shit can be cleaned up. If we’re still considering the old Hispano-Suiza, did the dogs gnaw the fenders, or eat the seats? What?

Similar questions could be asked about the peacocks and the moose but I’ve got to go shopping.

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