Animal news: If a coyote can roam Central Park, why not a wolf?

Today I saw this in West Side Rag:

Coyote Spotted in Central Park Near West 82nd Street; ‘He Followed Us.’

By Carol Tannenhauser

The wild animal that followed Terry Meehan through Central Park on Saturday night was almost certainly a coyote, he said.  He spotted it around 9:45 p.m. near the Winterdale Arch, which crosses the bridle path around West 82nd Street.

Meehan had just finished walking his dog Rufus and his friend’s dog Blue around the Great Lawn and was headed for the West Side, when he saw an “unaccompanied” animal that he is “99.9% sure was a coyote,” he told WSR. “I had some experience with them when I lived in Connecticut. I’d bet my last nickel this was one. He followed us. I turned around and he was there. I got concerned. I snapped the picture and left.”

So I’m back to my plea on behalf of the wolf, a much more compatible animal than a coyote.

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