Animal news: Joe the Pigeon lives!!!

After yesterday’s ramble about Merlina, the Raven Queen, which led sort of inevitably to the perilous situation Joe the racing pigeon was facing in Melbourne, Australia...

Joe has been spared the death sentence.

Good news. Although…

In the face of growing evidence, on Friday evening, the department of agriculture announced in a statement that it had “concluded that Joe the Pigeon is highly likely to be Australian.” The department said it was “satisfied that the bird’s leg band is a fraudulent copy of a legitimate leg band.”

In other words, the bird was deemed not to be an American intruder. As such, it was free to continue living in Mr. Celli-Bird’s backyard.

So Joe was posing as an American. Given our nation’s circumstances and consequential popularity, I can’t imagine why he’d want to do that. Maybe he was just being sarcastic.

Will we next hear something good about Merlina?

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