Animal news: Lady Sybil has been found! Sitting on a lot of eggs

Oh, I know this will spur your curiosity. A few hints: Lady Sybil lives in a community garden on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She is a hen who lays blue eggs. Read on to learn why she was wrongly considered AWOL.

And her blue eggs are sort of explained in the engaging West Side Rag article. It should answer my question about blue eggs but really doesn’t. Saying, “Lady Sybil lays blue eggs since she is a black iridescent hen,” seems to be a tautology, but I’m inexperienced in the use of the word “tautology,” so maybe I’m wrong.

I guess what I’m asking is, how exactly do Lady Sybil’s eggs come out blue? Her black iridescence can’t have anything to do with it. I mean, if it were so, her eggs would be black and iridescent. Right?

At least Lady Sybil doesn’t live in Texas.

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