Animal news: More on the DC zebras

They’re still loose! And are so endearing, they’ve strolled into the New York Times. From which, these excerpts — with me getting in the way now and then:

Linda Pennoyer, the mayor of the town of Upper Marlboro, said the zebras had become local “celebrities,” their every move documented on social media.

“It is odd to see zebras crossing the road,” Ms. Pennoyer said, adding, “There are worse things that could be running around Upper Marlboro — like alligators.”

Well, yeah, Ms. Pennoyer!

And did you know that a pod of zebras is sometimes called a “zeal”?

Back to the Times:

Daniel I. Rubenstein, a professor of zoology at Princeton University, said he was not surprised that the zebras had proved so elusive.

Unlike domesticated horses that will return to a barn after they’ve gotten loose, zebras are wild animals and “don’t like people generally,” he said. And they may not have any need to feed on the grain set out for them as bait, if they can find enough food to munch elsewhere.

If the zebras continue to elude capture, “they should be able to do just fine” in Prince George’s County, Dr. Rubenstein said.

The county has plenty of lawns, fields and pastures where the zebras can graze, as well as streams and other places for them to drink water, which they need to do once a day, he said.

And with the dearth of lions in the Greater Washington area, they have no natural predators, he said, adding, “coyotes they can deal with.”

They can deal with the coyotes, have plenty to eat and drink and life is good.



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