Animal news: the DC-Maryland zebras

Twitter is a big tease. I’ll read something from someone, looks interesting but fails to indicate what state this news is newsing in.

Then there’s the “Eleanor Holmes Norton says she didn’t free the zebras.”

Well, I know who Eleanor Holmes Norton is (and am a loud supporter of the cause that could make her a full-vote representative or senator) so I was able to pin down the area in which the putative zebras were wandering, free. But what on earth was that story about?

Thanks to my DC cousin, Bob, who send me this NPR story, I now know. And so will you.

I’ve got an optimistic view of how well the zebras could do, wandering free in Maryland. As did the family in an adorable photo you can see in this article, who dressed the three darling children in zebra outfits as they went on a zebra-spotting safari in their car.

My brother in law (whose birthday it is today) has often posted photos on Facebook of the deer family who co-occupies their Jersey land. They’re so used to people now, they merely take a look at him and then continue what they were doing. Which was nibbling on deer dinner-type trees and bushes.

I’m thinking Maryland residents should similarly consider their zebras. Enjoy them, live cooperatively with them, find out what they eat, give them names, have your kids dress in zebra gear, like that.

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