Animal news — the worst of ’em concerns the human animal

The British Trust for Ornithology lost access to its Twitter account after several posts about woodcocks*, and a pigeon that had been dyed pink, likely for a gender reveal, was in “delicate critical” condition after being rescued from a New York City park.** In Illinois, a former school administrator was accused of embezzling over $1.5 million, largely in the form of chicken wings.*** A man accused of breaching various enclosures at the Dallas Zoo and stealing two emperor tamarin monkeys was arrested after being spotted at an aquarium, and a zoo director in Mexico was accused of killing four of the zoo’s pygmy goats and serving them at a Christmas banquet. It was announced that a gibbon who lived alone in a cage had gotten pregnant through a nine-millimeter-wide hole, and scientists revealed that the male northern quoll**** may be dying out because it sacrifices sleep in order to find sex.

*We really didn’t need any further evidence of Musk’s ignorance.

**The poor pigeon has died. No word about the (girl) fetus; I don’t think the parents have been identified yet.

***I really need to know more about this story.

****I’d never heard of a quoll, never mind from where. So I looked it up. It is a furry small mammal with a long pointy nose. It resembles a rodent of some sort and has added to the many fuzzy critters I can’t distinguish one from the other.

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