Animal news update! That woman who was killed by an alligator in SC? Well…

Here’s the story from Associated Press.

Aside from the body of water where the alligator lurked, the setting for this incredibly stupid episode is…a gated community in South Carolina, on Kiawah* Island. We urbanites just love the ethos of fancy gated communities, don’t we?

Lesson here: stop kvetching about the deficit in your mani-pedis during a pandemic. I mean, get out the nail clippers and emery boards and fucking do it yourself.

*Kiawah Island is the location for a turbulent event in DuBose Heyward and the Gershwin brothers’ opera, Porgy and Bess. Now it seems to be a ritzy resort where happy white folk, their adorable children and their golf clubs are tended to by servants of color.**

**If you watch the video, you’ll actually see an alligator. Why a resort would advertise an alligator as one of its attractions, I do not know. There is no information about whether this was the killer alligator or another alligator. (I say “was” because the alligator who killed got himself killed, by a sheriff’s bullet. Therefore, it is a demised, past-tense alligator.)


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