Animal power on the rise! And more on Molly, the gun-toting Lab

Harper’s is getting me suspicious that animals are thoroughly fed up with what’s going on and, under the cover of their, uh, animal appearance, are trying to rectify our calamity:

A man in Schererville, Pennsylvania, called the police after being cornered in his garage by wild turkeys, and groundhogs in Belleville, Illinois, bit two people, took over a historic district, and climbed trees.

…in Billings, Montana, a team of sled dogs escaped from a training session and led police on a low-speed chase.

And although you’ve seen this one previously, there’s an addition, in the form of dialog with the dog:

…an Oklahoma woman was nonfatally shot in a pickup truck when her dog stepped on her gun; in a recording of the 9-1-1 call, the driver could be heard telling the Labrador retriever, “Oh, Molly, you’re the one that pulled the trigger. Don’t give me no shit.”

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