Animal story: A coyote in Central Park!!

And there he is, up above! Handsome guy.

I want to repeat, though, I still want a small pack of wolves in the park.

I got this news from West Side Rag, which helpfully included a message from the Parks Department about what we all should do if we run into Mr. Coyote:

The parks department reminded people to stay away from any coyotes they see and call 311 (unless it’s an emergency when they should call 911.

    • Do not feed coyotes. Keeping coyotes wild is the key to coexistence. Feeding coyotes can cause them to lose their natural hunting instincts and cause coyotes to associate humans with food.
    • Observe and appreciate coyotes from a distance. Though they may look similar to dogs, coyotes are wild animals. The best way to ensure both your safety and the safety of the coyote is to keep your distance.
    • Store all food and garbage in animal-proof containers. Coyotes are very resourceful, and will find ways into unsecured trash bins and pet food containers.
    • Protect your pets. Walk dogs on a leash and keep cats inside for safety.
    • Keep coyotes wary. If you are approached, make yourself look bigger by putting your arms up, and make loud noises until the coyote retreats. Appreciate coyotes from a distance.

We also received a report of a coyote sighting earlier this month in Riverside Park.

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