Animal uh-oh: teen gorilla affected by screen time

Well, brace yourselves, people: it’s the phones!!

A teenage gorilla in a Chicago zoo has been getting too much screen time, according to zoo officials.

Amare, a 415-pound gorilla at Chicago’s Lincoln Park zoo, has been staring a little too frequently at the screens of cellphones from visitors who show him pictures and videos through the glass wall – including selfies, family photos, pet videos and even footage of Amare himself.

He has apparently become so distracted as a result that last week, when another teenage gorilla rushed at him in a show of aggression, Amare did not appear to notice.

Didn’t notice. Just like a teenager at the dinner table.

Ellen Kaye, who sent me this item, says she thinks they should just get Amare his own phone and be done with it.

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