Announcement: My Resistance

Today I read this tweet from David Corn (Mother Jones):

Hard these days to not stare at Twitter all day and rubberneck at one car crash after another.

He’s right. I’ve decided I can’t report on staring at the car crashes anymore. Besides, so many terrific journalists like Corn, and writers and intellectuals and Nobel Prize winners are doing everything that can be done to inform us fully about the inescapable horror we’re living in. And they do it with much more information and a much greater readership than I have, and a lot more influence.

They can prick the creature in the White House far more effectively and to far more absurd responses than can I.

So what I’m going to do is this:

  • I’ll focus my attention (and my blog posts) on what I am doing (besides staring at Twitter all day) to resist the horror that sweeps over me unabated, every day, all day. The horror waking me up in the middle of the night and the first thing that springs into my fuzzy brain when I wake up in the morning. The OMG!!!!! of our lives.
  • I’ll write here under a new category name: My Resistance. I’ll tell you about what I’m doing not to feel helpless and overwhelmed.
  • I’ll pick up some stories from others but promise myself to stick to real things being done to get this illegitimate creature out of the White House or to neutralize him as soon as possible.
  • And other stuff–but I have to leave my apartment right now to do one thing in My Resistance. I’ll tell you about it after it’s done.
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