Another defamation accuser loses his case

I guess because I’m a writer I pay particular attention to defamation lawsuits. I’ve noted a number of them here on Sidebar. I’m especially attentive to this one, because I read the long, fascinating New Yorker article over which a man named Peter Paul Biro sued, claiming he was libeled.

(Of course, Biro sued not only Condé Nast, the publisher of the New Yorker, but the overall publisher, Advance, as well as Gawker and a number of other publications that referred to the article. This is what I’d call the Kitchen Sink type of lawsuit, especially when everyone plus the Kitchen Sink has those “deep pockets.”)

As Patricia Cohen writes in the NYT:

A federal judge in New York has dismissed a libel suit brought against The New Yorker magazine and one of its writers…

The link here Forensic Art Expert’s Libel Case Against New Yorker Magazine Is Dismissed – to the brief NYT piece contains a link to the actual decision. I read quite a bit of it and was fascinated again. See if you agree.

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