Another don’t-get-too-excited post, but…

Very quietly, all by myself, without telling anyone, I’ve been checking what’s doing state by state for the general presidential election.

A couple of times, I’ve blinked hard and a couple of times I’ve emitted some sort of surprised noise. So why don’t I give you the same opportunities I’ve had, with a warning: before reading this you might want to kina hora, and poo poo poo and spit on the floor. Except don’t spit on the floor because of the virus.

So for all you who are not afraid of the evil eye and all things going bad, here are the latest polls for some key states, with comparisons to Trump in 2016. Yeah, yeah, everything will change but still…I leave it up to you to measure which state causes you to gasp the loudest.

Florida: Biden + 6 (Trump + 2.2)

Georgia: Biden +0.9 (Trump +5.1)

Iowa: Biden -0.6 (Trump +8.4)

Michigan: Biden +9.4 (Trump +0.3)

Missouri: Biden -3.9 (Trump +8.5)

Nebraska: Biden +7 (Trump +25)

North Carolina: Biden +3.2 (Trump +3.6)

Ohio: Biden +2.3 (Trump +8.1)

Texas: Biden -0.1 (Trump +9)

Wisconsin: Biden +7.8 (Trump +0.7)

Pennsylvania: Biden +8.9 (Trump +0.7)


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