Another funny domestic moment

Like the previous domestic moment, this one took place in my building’s lobby, just outside the elevator.

With my associate cousin, Nancy (maybe I’ll explain some day but not today), I was heading up to one of our roof decks for a picnic lunch, when, sitting on a bench outside the elevator, we saw a woman who was wearing a gloriously elaborate, massive necklace in glowing green beads of varying sizes and shapes.

“How beautiful!” I said to her, and asked where it came from.

“From me!” she said and introduced herself as the designer and artisan responsible for the necklace. “The beads are Murano glass,” she told us. I asked if she had a card.

Yes, she did! and she became to rummage in her large purse. Eventually, she pulled out one of those little plastic baggies with a seal top, a baggie full of white objects. She reached into the baggie and pulled out…

“Oh, no!” she said. “It’s my Stevia!” and while we all laughed, went back into her big purse and yanked out an identical baggie…which contained her business cards. She gave me two.

“The email address is wrong,” she explained. “It’s gmail now.”

But her web site url was accurate. Gems by Gena.


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