Another Gorsuch TV ad, paid for by dark money

Well, Sidebar has been under attack virtually all day. So my highly vigilant domain provider insisted that I not be allowed into my own blog because I was getting bombed by illegal attempts at entry.

In a moment of irrational pride, I started thinking, “Ooh, all these anti-Gorsuch things I’ve posted must have drawn dark money attacks. Are the Koch Bros or Judicial Crisis Network attempting to get in here and…” Well, why? What could they do? Silence me?

The above paragraph is grandiosity, of course. Still, for weeks now when I try to enter my ID and password, I have an odd little box message right over my entry lines. First, a tiny icon of a lock, with a red line crossing through it, and then this message: “This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised. Learn more,” and it invites me to click on the box.

Yeah, right. I don’t click on the box–which is neatly splayed over my “log in” button, so as to capture my enter signal. I don’t allow it to. I slide off the lines and only come back when the fake warning disappears.

I’m feeling quite clever.

That entire above deal is actually parenthetical to this real message:

Real Message

Last night, during two commercial breaks on the Rachel Maddow show, a new Neil Gorsuch-Is-Wonderful TV ad ran. This one was less diaper ad than super dad–strict but ever so fair.

You see Gorsuch reading from a slick statement he made during his senate hearing. First, he states that he has made judicial decisions in favor of disabled people, students, individuals and civil rights and women’s rights and all fine people. Then he states he’s also made decisions NOT in favor of individuals and civil rights and women’s rights and all fine people.

Then he says, firmly and slowly–to make sure We the People fully comprehend him–that when he makes decisions, he…follows…the…Law.

Oh, hey, sure, what a guy!

Meanwhile, a question: as always with these hearings, the subject’s family members are seated directly behind him so we can all view the Fine Family Man aspect of the candidate. And indeed Gorsuch’s wife is on the left side so we can watch her being proud of her husband.

But on his right side, immediately in the front row–parallel to his wife, so the two women appear as Gorsuch bookends–is a pretty, thirty-ish black woman. Who is she?

My guess is she is one of his court clerks and was flown into DC and put up (in the Trump hotel?) by the Gorsuch Big Money contingent: the Koch Bros Final Solution to Democracy, the Judicial Crisis Network, the NRA and a bunch of anti-abortion groups.

For the visuals, you know. Supports women, supports blacks, supports black women…

Man, this entire situation is so thoroughly corrupt, these people are so utterly repulsive, I can’t get through a single day–a couple of hours of a single day–without erupting in the horrors. The screaming fantods.

OK, let me pull myself together and say…Floaty McFloatface.

There. I’m better.

Call your senators about Gorsuch and call any senator you feel you can pressure.

Floaty McFloatface.

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