Another ‘hair of her dreams’ lawsuit

Bearing the brilliant hard copy headline BLUNDERDOME: $15M suit: Hair treatment left me bald! there’s this Daily News item about … Salon that promised to give woman ‘hair of her dreams’ caused her to go permanently bald: suit  – NY Daily News.

They promised her a full head of hair, but it was a bald-faced lie, a $15 million lawsuit says.

A real estate exec says she shelled out over $250,000 to a clinic that promised to “restore her hair and confidence” — and wound up leaving her permanently bald.

Deborah Betesh’s lawyer, Bruce Baron, said what happened to his client at the Microdot Technique was “an egregious case of fraud, misrepresentation and deceptive business practices.”

“The defendants preyed on someone who was hoping to remedy something that was truly a burden and they’ve now destroyed her life,” he said.

Didn’t I tell you about an earlier hair-problem lawsuit? Yes, I did; burlesque dancer. Maybe this is trending − is that the correct term?

If you read the entire piece, you’ll see a classic beginning move in a lawsuit: plaintiff’s lawyer makes bold statement summarizing the complaint, defendant denies having anything to do with it, plaintiff’s lawyer retorts, “nonsense” and says his client has proof. Right there you’re reading a very succinct version of the complaint and the answer to the complaint.


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