Another KY county clerk denies marriage license…to man who wants to marry Jesus

This one will settle you down, just in case you’re still fuming over Kim Davis’s attitude toward gays who want a license to be married.

Let’s shove this story–with its full color photograph of the desired groom–into The god Problem category. I can’t think of any place better for it.

(Eugene Volokh is not known to me as a man of abundant humor. I welcome his brief forage into the spirit of funniness, even though another guy wrote the post.)

[Eugene Volokh] Taking love for Jesus too far? The latest from the Kim Davis case.

Posted: 21 Sep 2015 01:15 PM PDT

Prof. Marty Lederman pointed out this status report filed today in the Kim Davis case (Miller v. Davis):

As of this filing, [Rowan County Deputy Clerk Kristy] Plank reports that, to the best of her knowledge, all requests for marriage licenses requested by legally qualified couples have been issued. The only denial of a marriage license application that has occurred within the last two weeks was to a gentleman who stated that he wanted a license that would permit him to marry “Jesus”. When it was explained to the individual that both parties had to be present, he stated, “Jesus is always present”. After being denied, the gentleman returned later and presented a type of Power of Attorney document issued by his church granting him authority to sign “Jesus’” name. Since both parties were not present these requests were denied.

Maybe he should have gone to Montana.

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