Another lawsuit from that Drake-Chris Brown brouhaha

This tidbit of relative minutiae (superstars, entourages, nightclub brawl) brightens my day. Hope it does yours. From yesterday’s Daily News, via Oren Yaniv:

I’m victim of Drake-Chris

Lawsuits continue to pour in against the SoHo nightspot where a bottle-tossing brawl broke out between the entourages of two music superstars.

The latest litigation was filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court by Howard Clement, 30, who says he suffered a wound to the back of his head during the June melee in club W.i.P. that involved Drake and Chris Brown.

“I felt being struck in the back,” he recalled Monday. “Next thing I know, I was in the hospital.”

He had two seizures, he said doctors told him, and received five stitches. Persistent nerve damage and pain still keep him from returning to his construction job, he added.

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