Another lawsuit v NYPD male sergeant, more “lewd comments” and texts

This is getting boring. How many male NYPD sergeants afflict female cops with “lewd comments in [their] official memo book and [tell them] ‘you look and dress like a prostitute…'”?

Really now. We seem to have a police force with rabid testosterone surges (are these guys swallowing all the ads for Viagra?), stunningly rotten judgment and no respect for women on the job. Oh and I can add to that list: they seem to be so unaware of social and professional proprieties, I’m not even sure what the pathology could be.

I think the NYPD has to change its testing procedures for new cops, especially the psychological testing process. Don’t they even use Rorschach configurations? They’d be pretty hard to fool, especially by men who don’t seem too bright to begin with.

I’m serving notice on the NYPD: I’m tired of reading about all these lawsuits lady cops have to file, especially in precincts that start with the number 7. So give me a break. Hire better men.

Linda Cronin is the lawyer for plaintiff Anais Perez-Villegas.

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