Another poor poor pitiful rich people divorce story

Wasn’t I just this minute saying that you should be glad if  you’re not rich, because if you are your divorce will go on forever and get nasty?

Yes, I was, so now there’s this: As part of their divorce, James B. Fairchild and Whitney St. John will auction off their valuables in the Hamptons – NY Daily News.

Please dig around in your odd lots bin to find some sympathy for James B. Fairchild and Whitney St. John, because their beloved home furnishings will be sold at “a very public yard sale.” Spread all over the lawn, I’d guess, those beloved kitchen gadgets (beloved by the household staff that used ’em), sisal door mats, drawer separators, stained towels and the like.

Would you like that? No, you wouldn’t. So don’t get rich.

By the way, the delightful Daily News hard copy head is, “This split is going to the bidder end.” “Bidder,” get it? An auction?

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