Another reason for being on Twitter…

I know a lot of people are flailing desperately over the horror we’re living in, feeling that — aside from recent elections — no strong opposition is presenting itself.

Not so.

If you get onto Twitter (you don’t have to tweet yourself) and follow civil rights organizations like CREW, the ACLU, various lawyers’ associations, Democratic Attorneys General (my own AG, Eric Schneiderman, is particularly informative), Southern Poverty Law Center, the Brennan Center and a whole number of others (I’m not going to make the same mistake I made the other day, trying to list all of ’em)…

You’ll get a great picture of how many lawsuits, complaints, demands for investigation and other legal attacks have been initiated against this administration and its minions. CREW alone has aggressively filed so many (YES!!!) court actions I lost track of the number a long time ago. Scott Pruitt alone is the target of many of those lawsuits I’ve lost track of. (I’m not even including Michael Avenatti.)

Despite the swamp creatures within the administration, our country still provides one clear righteous road to justice: lawsuits.

Check into Twitter. It’ll give you a hundred reason to have hope without draining an ounce of your fury.

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